ICO market

Cryptocurrency marketplace
Advertising platform with a novel approach for token sales (ICO/STO) that can instantly reach a mass of investors around the world.

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Challenges faced

While conducting market research, several problems were outlined. First of all, each platform has its own criteria for ICO / STO listing and there is no standard for submitting the information on these platforms. Second, there is no CMS for the listed ICO / STO, as the related data is often modified. Finally, contrasting prices are not linked to the websites' return on investment. Our objective was to build a system that would solve these problems and make the token sales process as flexible and smooth as possible.


Our approach

We started by investigating the challenges and needs of the business. Everyday discussions between the client and the team resulted in a better understanding of the market, detecting all nuances and possible restrictions which, in turn, allowed our team to create a strategy and a plan of product development.

Features implemented

The client requested OTAKOYI to develop the platform specifically for the 4 main types of users — investors, advertisers, publishers, and support. For each type of user, we constructed its own information architecture.

  • Investors − are able to quickly choose an ICO project they would want to potentially invest in by simply pressing a CTA button that directly transfers them to the website.
  • Advertisers − are responsible for ICO applications. Such requests are processed by the support team and can be either approved or rejected. Once a confirmation message is received, a user goes directly to a personal profile where an ICO project can be added. For a successful combination, advertisers can add Campaigns/Ad Groups and check statistics as well as do reports.
  • Publishers − similar to Advertisers. After a successful registration, a publisher can go to a personal profile where a WordPress plugin can be downloaded and added to a website. After everything is synchronised with a website, one should simply add those plugins to the required pages. Publishers can also check stats, do reports and transfer money to the BTC/ETH wallet.
  • Support − in charge of the customer data management side.

Value delivered

OTAKOYI’s role was crucial in helping our client to implement the marketplace for a highly competitive product. By having thoroughly analyzed the target market, only the best practices for product development were applied in our work. OTAKOYI developed a full-stack design system for ICO Market — complete functionality and impressively unique design representation.

We have taken into account our client’s experience and business model since the main business requirements of the project were easily accessible information, simplicity in design and laconic interface.

Experience gained

While working on the project, we dug deeper into the financial sphere, especially the token sales market. Applying the best UX methods and artifacts, the designers challenged themselves and created 280 unique design layouts that were simple and laconic but vivid and stylish at the same time. We implemented a dashboard that gives an opportunity to analyze the activity and compare key market indicators. As a result, we contributed to the development of the transparent competitive financial market and gained valuable experience in building complex analytical platforms.