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  • Why choose our UI/UX design company?

    Today’s digital environment is extremely competitive. You can have a million-dollar application idea, but it won’t work as intended without a solid design. That’s why aresponsive user interface and good user experience are crucial for the success ofyour digital product. Ignore this aspect, and you’ll have nearly zero chances to attract clients.

    OTAKOYI is the top web design and development agency with years of experience in the field. Our skilled interface designers leverage the power of UI and UX engineering to help our clients bring their projects to life. Reach out to the OTAKOYI team! Let’s talk and see how our UI/UX design services can bring value to your business.

Our UI/UX design services

Being one of the best UI/UX design companies in Ukraine, we are committed to excellence in everything we do. OTAKOYI professional team is ready to go the extra mile to provide our clients with the most outstanding user experience and user interface design services.

  • Our UI/UX Design Process

    The cooperation between your team and our UI and UX design agency doesn’t stop until the end of the development process. We follow an established procedure to make sure all your needs are met. Such a detailed approach enables our experts to deliver creative, innovative, and extremely effective solutions regardless of your industry or the complexity of requirements.

    Cooperation begins with research, strategy development, and planning. We learn as much as possible about your company and your industry, and then come up with a clear and transparent product development plan. The closer we collaborate with your team, the better the result.

    The next step in the UI design and development process is wireframing and prototyping. To make sure your product not only looks good but gets the job done, our user interface design experts create wireframes and prototypes to visualize the result and make core adjustments early in the process.

    The user experience would be incomplete without a breathtaking design. At this stage, we focus on the aesthetics of your product, making it look stylish and flawless. OTAKOYI UX designers are super attentive to details. Rest assured knowing that your website or mobile app will have just the right mix of shapes and colors.

    Since we never compromise UI and UX design to technical capabilities, our skilled developers ensure the right balance between looks and functionality. Finally, we carry out usability testing to identify possible issues and fix them before the product undergoes actual user testing.

  • Research & Strategy
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Visual Design
  • UI Development
  • Usability Testing

What We Offer

What are the benefits of working with OTAKOYI? There are quite a few things that make our customers choose our services over and over again.
  • 1 Top designers and developers
  • 2 Seamless user experience
  • 3 Great value for the money
  • 4 Visible business results
  • 5 Improved brand image

UI/UX tools that we use

  • Photoshop
  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Avocode
  • Axure
  • Marvel
  • Invision
  • AfterEffects
  • Illustrator
  • Do you need a good design?

    How would you define good design in the digital realm? It’s what makes users stay on your site and keeps them coming back to your mobile app. A good UI design satisfies your customers’ needs and brings real business results.

    There are a few essential qualities - good-looking, user-centric, highly functional, and conversion-focused. In other words, it’s a fine combination of a strong user interface and an outstanding user experience.

    UX design involves a lot of research and analysis. It is rather a technical side of the process aimed at optimizing customer experience with a site or an app. The UI design is more about creating a desirable experience for a target audience. It incorporates graphic design and some elements of psychology so that the product not only looks good but works as intended. OTAKOYI design agency successfully combines these two aspects to connect your brand with your customers and help your business thrive.

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