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    Michael Askew


    Simon Nilsson

    Co-CEO, Work-Wide Group

    Dr. Arne-Rasmus Draeger

    Executive, ACARiS

    Samuel Bleakly

    Marketing Director, Coto World

    Philip Ly

    CEO, LES Automotive

    Vance Heron

    CTO, PeteHealth

    Tobias Sturesson

    CEO, Fervent

    Alex Reizer

    Product Manager, Kadabra

    Shlomie Singer

    Co-Founder & Owner at uBranded

    Artyom Popov

    Co-Founder at Escape Room

    Michal Nowakowski

    Founder in a

    Alex Ostroverkh

    CEO at PettersonApps

    Mariya Osnovina

    Brand Manager – Intersono IVF clinic

    Waleed Kharma

    Managing Director, Foxtrapp

    Pavlo Lysy

    CEO & Founder, Panem

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