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Benefits of DevOps

Your business can gain several considerable benefits from
R&D services:

  • 1. Promotes Time-to-Market

    Using your knowledge and innovative DevOps tools, in-house experts at OTAKOYI can establish the automation of many important yet time-consuming processes. Based on our years-long professional experience, we can say that the automation of business processes helps to shorten time to market almost by half in some cases.

  • 2. Minimizes Project Costs

    Our DevOps services help to reduce production costs by standardizing your business operations. Here standardizing implies that there is a systematic approach to software development that eliminates the risk of any critical issue appearance or unplanned work. Thus, this structured development approach ensures that no additional costs will be wasted.

  • 3. Responds Quickly to Changes

    With our DevOps services you do not need to always keep your finger on the pulse and monitor whether your idea is still relevant to the market demand or not. OTAKOYI got your back with this. Our experts constantly keep track of recent market demands and update your project in case there is a need for that. We strive to make your product the first and the best in the existing market.

  • 4. Saves Time

    DevOps services allow you to free up a considerable amount of time and focus your team performance on other vital tasks. While our DevOps specialists cope with configuration or infrastructure management, automation, or code inspection, your employees may contribute more of their attention to the improvement of the existing functionality of a product or devote more time to adjust customer relationships.

  • 5. Improves Security Aspect

    If you opt for our DevOps services, we will minimize any security vulnerability of your project. OTAKOYI follows a security-focused approach when offering DevOps services and always strive to predict and eliminate potential future risks at their very roots. For instance, we use authentication testing and storage encryption to avoid any possibility of data breaches.

  • Why OTAKOYI?

    OTAKOYI is a faithful and reliable software development partner to clients across more than 20 countries all around the globe. We have mastered our craft for over 9 years now, and our DevOps company has nearly 150+ successfully launched projects behind its back. We never stop to improve and strive to become the best in our business segment.

    Our team of experienced DevOps engineers can help to optimize your business operations to reach the best possible performance and efficiency. We apply agile software development methods to facilitate each stage of the production process and harvest the finest results. OTAKOYI can bring the automation your business needs right now and thus help you catch up with the ever-changing market and reduce invested costs at the same time.

    OTAKOYI DevOps company has a proven track record of successfully launched products all around the globe and will utilize its professional experience to contribute to your project’s success as well!


Choose OTAKOYI DevOps solutions and make your business run smoothly and effectively under a brand new software development approach.

Hire Professional DevOps Engineers at OTAKOYI!

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