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  • Our Mobile Application Development Expertise

    OTAKOYI is a mobile app development company with extensive expertise in application production. Our developers are proficient in various vectors of mobile development. It allows us to meet all the needs of our customers, regardless of whether they ask for a cross-platform application or a native one, or whether they search for such alternatives as web apps.

Cross-platform mobile apps can run on multiple mobile platforms and have a number of other benefits. For instance, a single-source code can be used here. It requires less time for developing and deploying cross-platform mobile apps at app stores. During the implementation of an MVP, there is no fragmentation or any need for subsequent upgrades.

It also takes less time and effort to solve bug problems. One single solution is suitable for simple applications running both on iOS and Android.

From the perspective of clients, not only do cross-platform applications have a lower cost, but they can also even increase the profit being exposed to a wider public, which leads to reduced initial investments and higher revenues.

Native mobile development implies creating an app that works exclusively on one particular platform, such as Android or iOS. Generally speaking, native mobile apps are more reliable and can show slightly better performance in comparison with cross-platform apps.

Native apps can also easily access various functions of the device, including camera, microphone, address book, etc. This type of development is a better option for complex programs, business solutions, or mobile games.

However, if you want your app to run both on iOS and Android, then you will need two different development teams who work separately on two different projects, which may cost you a pretty penny.

If you are not ready to invest in the costly development of a mobile app but also want to engage with your customers via smartphones, then you should better consider a progressive web application (PWA) development. Roughly speaking, a PWA is another version of your website that looks and feels just like a mobile app. An average user would not notice any difference.

PWA is cross-platform, which means that it can be installed both on desktops and any mobile device. It allows using push-notification to always keep your customers updated. Besides, thanks to data caching, PWAs can work even offline.

Developing a PWA is a fast and cost-effective process, but it all will work out only under one condition — you need to have a website to make a PWA.

Why Choose Us for Mobile App Development?

Choosing our mobile application development company, you can really count on us:

  • 1. Effective Project Management

    Our Project Management department comprises seasoned professionals who ensure that there are no schedule slips or budget overspend. With diligence and preciseness, they supervise your projects, efficiently managing each and every process, which allows delivering high-quality results on time.

  • 2. Two-way Communication

    We understand that one cannot develop something fully satisfying for a client without proper communication and result-feedback exchange. That is why we established effective communication methods and practiced them over the years. At OTAKOYI, we appreciate regular two-way communication with our clients. We can conduct meetings monthly, weekly, daily, or in any other way that your project requires and that will promote the success of the end result.

  • 3. Optimal Choice of Methodologies

    OTAKOYI uses only reliable and time-tested software development frameworks and practices to facilitate the effectiveness of the working process. The most commonly-used ones are Scrum, Feature-Driven Development, DevOps, but everything depends on the features of your project. We should first consider its size, complexity, budget, and timeframes to pick the right technique that suits specifically to your project.

  • 4. Fast and Easy Onboarding

    Our mobile app development company has experience working with customers from different corners of the globe, and we neither ignore nor neglect the fact of cultural differences. Yet we believe that this understanding and clear communication is key to fruitful and enjoyable partnership. Our experts are fluent in English and always ready to create quality software products. You won’t feel any discomfort connected with differences in culture, location, and time.

The Scope of Our Mobile Services

OTAKOYI offers a wide range of mobile application development services that you can use either separately or together for your full-cycle development.

  • Our Mobile App Development Process

    There is a long and complex process that starts with receiving a client’s request and finishes with developing a mobile application and successfully launching it. Yet we apply the best methods and techniques to make this process run smoothly and to facilitate the efficiency of each of its stages.

    We generally follow these steps for mobile application development:

  • Carry out a pre-analysis and define goals
  • Create UI/UX designs
  • Program on a high level
  • Test and fix bugs
  • Launch and support the product

Technologies We Use

Top-notch mobile applications are built using the highest standards

  • IOS
  • Swift
  • Android
  • React Native
  • GraphQL
  • Flutter

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