Web App Development Services

Get your business online and thriving with a custom web app built for success.


Build future-ready web apps with the right technology partner

  • Low-code Web Applications
  • Modern Corporate Web Sites
  • Custom Web Applications
  • High-performance applications
  • Serverless backend
  • Fast custom backend development
  • Enterprise SaaS Solutions
  • Industry-focused Products
  • Digital Platforms 
  • UX/UI Design
  • Reverse Engineering & Modernization
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Cloud & DevOps

Benefits of working with us

Custom software development: How it works

  • Discovery phase or project assessment
    • If you need to clarify requirements or do additional research to validate your product concept, we will help you by conducting a Discovery phase
    • If you have any challenges with the existing project, we will assess your infrastructure and prepare everything for its further modernization and transformation
  • Project starter

    We will assign a software architect to your project, assemble a core team, and scale it according to your needs:

    • Our top engineers will set up a proper SDLC for your project
    • We will set the process according to the best industry practices: code review, code quality, security, CI/CD, disaster recovery, documentation, etc.
  • Development & testing
    • We will find the optimal team structure to fulfill the needs of your project.
    • Our experts apply the best practices and work according to Agile methodologies.
    • We use top-notch technologies, programming languages, and frameworks, providing you with secure, full-stack SDLC.
    • Our specialists will create and adapt a test strategy, as well as automate the testing processes.
  • Release preparation
    • Documentation preparation.
    • Release testing: performance, accessibility, scalability, security.
    • Release strategy.
    • Final adjustments to the SLA.
  • Maintenance
    • Production support.
    • Service operation support.
    • Adjusting production configuration / Validation of production setup.

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We strive to meet all your requirements and deliver results on time and within the set budget. If you opt to hire our Flutter developers, you get a high-quality service from the team that is willing to give you their best. Drop us a line and let’s create something interesting together!

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Industries we work with

  • FinTech

  • Healthcare

  • Real Estate

  • E-Learning and EdTech

  • Lifestyle & Social

  • Energy

  • Retail and Distribution

  • Automotive

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