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From web application and mobile development to impressive UI/UX designs, you name it! Our experienced team is ready to help you launch a customer-oriented product and manage your operations whenever you might need it.

  • End-to-End Software Development Outsourcing Solutions

    Using outsourcing software development services can be interpreted as the process of engaging an organization outside of your company and/or country to handle certain business activities for you. In other words, to outsource software development means to hire a third-party group of experts who can offer particular skills and experience that are essential for you. These skills include everything from web development and chatbot development to UI/UX design and MVP.

    The main advantage of outsourcing is that it allows companies of different sizes to grow however and whenever they need, without major risks and investment involved. What is more important, a software development outsourcing company can start working on your project shortly after you contact them. These types of companies are eligible to quickly grasp important information and engage with the clients’ business processes.

    OTAKOYI is an outsource software development company with more than 10 years of continuous experience and more than 100 in-house professionals. We can offer you a team of versatile and passionate experts who feel obligated to develop reliable and error-free software products.

    Our main goal is not only to match your expectations but also to exceed them and thus earn one more loyal partner or simply a satisfied client. We care about our reputation and do all possible to deliver only the highest quality services.

Stages of a Software Outsourcing Project

Outsourcing projects usually include these fundamental stages:
  • Choose the Most Suitable Model

    When picking the methodology, one should consider the following aspects: what is the project size, its complexity, desirable timeframes, and top budget? The most commonly-used software development frameworks and practices are DevOps, Feature-Driven Development (FDD), Kanban, and Scrum.

  • Write a Technical Specification

    A clear and concise technical specification will help the software outsourcing company to better understand the features of your project. The more efforts you make writing a detailed technical specification, the higher the chances are that the end-result will fully satisfy you.

  • Find a Partner for Outsourcing

    You need to carefully consider which skills and expertise your current team is lacking to finish your project. Now, find a software development outsourcing company that can offer you these skills. When finding the right partner, pay close attention to the company’s testimonials and their previous works.

  • Use Tools to Enhance Efficiency

    Easy to use drag-and-drop enterprise applications as Asana or Trello can significantly increase the overall performance and help you to always be aware of the development progression. These tools also have suitable calendars and messaging systems that allow avoiding messing up deadlines or any misunderstanding.

  • QA is Important

    Though testing is a constant process that is conducted while the development goes, it is also important to make a final blow against bugs and other possible issues even after the development is over. Both parties should always strive to make the end-product polished and error-free.

  • 1 Stage
    Choose the Most Suitable Model
  • 2 Stage
    Write a Technical Specification
  • 3 Stage
    Find a
    Partner for Outsourcing
  • 4 Stage
    Use Tools to Enhance Efficiency
  • 5 Stage
    Pay Attention to QA & Testing

Most Efficient Software Development Outsourcing Services

We are working hard each day to improve our software outsourcing services

  • Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing with OTAKOYI

    Here are some of the advantages of choosing OTAKOYI as your outsourcing partner:

    1. Fast Development

    One of our key priorities is efficiency on all levels. By working with us, you can expect not only great results but short development cycles and, in certain cases, even reduced costs. We do not leave important tasks to wait until tomorrow morning since we believe that a successfully-finished task a day keeps any failures away.

    2. Committed Team

    One of the key benefits of working with us is that you get access to a team of extremely motivated and highly skilled developers. They have created hundreds of successful projects and are not afraid of challenges. With our team at the forefront, all your ideas and visions will become a reality.

    3. Adherence to Deadlines

    Since we are strategy and planning oriented, we know how important it is to meet all deadlines on time not to cause unpleasant hitches. If we have a defined milestone, you can be sure that our team will deliver the result of their work just when it is needed. This extreme preciseness facilitates the overall performance since it helps to get your feedback on time and proceed to the next step.

    4. Proven Methodology

    We have a proven track record of successfully completed projects, and we used this experience to develop effective methods that help both our clients and our company reach the best results. And in case you are wondering, we are using Agile, which means that we adapt quickly to new requirements.

    5. Ongoing Involvement

    OTAKOYI is proud to be a reliable partner for a number of our clients we have been working with over the years. We believe that there is always room for improvement even for successfully-released apps, so we are ready to support and improve your projects even during the post-launch period.

  • Our Software Development Outsourcing Methodology

    At OTAKOYI, outsource software development starts with a comprehensive discovery meeting with a client. At this meeting, we exercise the highest degree of responsibility in evaluating the size and scope of your project in order to later achieve the best possible outcome. It is essential to clarify that during this stage we should not only decide on how we are going to build your products but also how it will be later tested and deployed.

    Our team can either take full responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the development process or simply assist you on your project with some necessary skills and expertise. The scope and intensity of our involvement in your project depend on your needs and desires.

    OTAKOYI is a software outsourcing company that has its core focus on the outcome. Our greatest value is delivering a high-quality final product that satisfies and matches the expectations of our client, target audience, and ourselves.


Choose our software development outsourcing services and allow our team to make your project achieve the best possible results.

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