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Why Flutter?

Designed to streamline iOS and Android mobile app development, the Flutter toolkit is slowly becoming one of the most popular means of creating powerful products. Flutter mobile application development capabilities offer fast and reliable development of cross-platform mobile solutions. Whether you want to create a dedicated app or a separate widget, Flutter is the way to go. It provides a layered architecture and allows for hot reloads, not to mention reduced costs. Here is what you can expect if you opt for Flutter app development services:

  • Unique Design

    Flutter uses its own UI components, Cupertino widgets for iOS design and Material for Android. This allows creating truly unique apps that not only deliver great functionality but can also match your preferred style. But what if you want to go for the platform’s original design? Flutter can also imitate native design and components of a platform you choose.

  • Efficient Rendering

    Flutter uses Skia high-performance engine that allows rendering onto a canvas provided by a platform, making Flutter UI well-suited for nearly any existing platform. In other words, there is no need to make some additional adjustments to the UI so that it can be displayed on different platforms, which is extremely time-saving.

  • Fast Development

    One of the most convenient features of Flutter is the Hot Reload function. It allows developers to keep the app running while they improve the UI and implement new versions. All changes are instantly visible. It saves the development time enormously, since there is no need to hit reload button every time you make even a minor change to the code.

  • Exceptional Performance

    Flutter needs less mediation between the app and the platform since its programming language, Dart, compiles into native code, leading to increased app performance. Having high-speed C++ in its core, Flutter also allows creating high-fps apps that are indistinguishable from native ones by their performance.

  • Why Choose Our Flutter App Development Services?

    OTAKOYI is a Flutter app development company that knows exactly how to take full advantage of the toolkit. We are early adopters of this technology, and we are sharpening our skills as it evolves. Our software development team knows all the pros and cons of this toolkit and create apps that sell.

    We provide a range of Flutter app development services and are ready to tackle all incoming challenges. By working with our Flutter app development team, you don’t have to worry about anything. We’ll cover all the aspects of the project and develop a fine software product that will serve you well for a long time.

Our Methodology

Here’s how our Flutter app development company operates:

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We strive to meet all your requirements and deliver results on time and within the set budget. If you opt to hire our Flutter developers, you get a high-quality service from the team that is willing to give you their best. Drop us a line and let’s create something interesting together!

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