How EdTech is shaping the education system and the future of learning?

Nataliya Kostyshak
Nataliya Kostyshak
November 25, 2022 10 min read 1992 views
November 25, 2022 10 min read 1992 views

Ways EdTech is shaping the education system and the future of learning

The educational system is harvesting technological achievements to improve the quality of teaching with innovative approaches. However, it brings up a lot of questions on the surface. What is EdTech in education? Will Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence replace teachers? Will the schools get automated? Let’s dig deeper and discover Why EdTech is important for the educational system and how it impacts the future of learning.

What does EdTech stand for?

Educational technology, or EdTech, is a field of tech development aimed at promoting education and improving the system. Using innovative technology, developers design applications, software, and tools to help teachers with educational process management and boost the accessibility of learning for students. 

The investment in educational technology in 2020 reached $252 billion. Therefore, we can see that EdTech is shaping the education system and bringing a new era of learning in the future.

Educational technology transforms learning

During the drastic events of the global pandemic adopting digital learning, the model was crucial for the education industry. Therefore, 2020 gave a push for developers to create affordable and accessible solutions for the global community. EdTech eliminates flaws of a traditional system through interactive tools, personalized classes, and engaging multimedia. By adopting innovative technology to enhance teaching, schools can optimize learning in various establishments, provide an inspiring environment for teachers, and extend educational services to the digital realm. 

Yet, EdTech creates various platforms and apps for independent learning to boost a specific skill, master the language, attend virtual lectures, or even obtain a degree from a digital school. EdTech is capable of blurring borders, making education accessible to everyone in a global community. 

Benefits of EdTech in education

The impact EdTech has on learning is undeniable, from improving secondary and high schools to implementing EdTech higher education digital solutions. Here are the pros of technology in the education system:

Benefits of edtech for learning

Accessibility of remote learning

EdTech brings virtual lessons and lectures to digital devices, allowing learners to access materials and exercise at any time and place. Long-distance learning enables opportunities for many to efficiently combine work and education, boost specific skills, and expand their horizons by mastering a new craft on EdTech apps or web platforms.

Gamification of the learning process

We all know that the secret of mastering a complicated subject is making learning fun. Top education software companies develop gamification tools to help captivate students and increase participation and engagement. Game-oriented educational technology creates a space for context-based learning.

Immersive learning

For nowadays students, a simple textbook is not efficient enough to comprehend materials. Using EdTech trends and top-notch technology, developers team up with teachers to release immersive tutorials and lectures to teleport learners in time or space to boost. Students are more likely to master the subject through entertaining interactions. The McKinsey research  showed that 88% of students believe AR/VR technology makes learning more entertaining. 

Personalized education experience

EdTech platform can as well make the teaching process more efficient and organized. Technological solutions allow faculty members to create personalized teaching plans, organize the efficient workflow and report systems, and introduce new learning mechanisms. According to Guide2Reaseach , 35% of teachers state that e-learning tools provide immediate data for tracking students’ progress and make grading much more effortless.

Increased engagement

As stated before, technology help increases students’ engagement and participation. With a blended learning strategy, high education facilities students are more likely to show promising results and ace the exams, especially in engineering, math, science, and technology majors. 

Blended learning environment

By combining traditional education with technological solutions, schools and universities can make learning environments much more accessible, efficient, and student-orientated. EdTech solutions give access to unlimited learning material, allow submission for online programs, bring administrative processes online, and improve teacher-student communication.

Students’ top-choice

When 57% of students  have at least one device in school, it only makes sense to implement digital tools and technology into the learning process. Ultimately, all parties benefit from online learning platforms and innovative teaching methods.

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Why is EdTech important?

The latest EdTech trends transform the education market by bringing the necessary change to the system to meet the requirement of the modern digital era.

Powerful E-learning platforms

E-learning is the ultimate solution to the “low supply, high demand” problem. By bridging the gap with online education, development companies grant access to the top multimedia resource to those who cannot financially or geographically attend educational establishments. The E-learning web platforms and applications can make learning entertaining, allowing users to master a foreign language by practicing with native speakers, getting online degrees, boosting professional skills, or learning a new hobby.

Check our case study, where we developed an online programming academy , that deals with decentralized oracle networks that provide reliable, tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain.

online programming learning portalonline programming learning portalonline programming learning portalSee the full design concept on OTAKOYI Behance.

Industry-changing EdTech startups

Startups are a push power behind innovative trends in educational technology. Usually working with real-life teachers or after experiencing flaws in the educational system, the developers can design a unique product to solve existing problems and shortcomings. The fast-growing startup community has a revolutionary impact on the future of EdTech. The education system is one of the major fields for upcoming developers, whether they target to help higher education students, optimize the workflow in primary school, or design a unique tool for independent learners.

educational startups and companies

EdTech and schools collaborations

Besides assisting students in learning, EdTech has the power to transform the school from within. The cutting-edge technology benefits education facilities, assisting in grading students and tracking progress using AI and ML. EdTech products facilitate communication between teachers, parents, and students, creating a united online community. Yet,  EdTech higher education products aim to ease the workload on young adults, assist them with time management, track deadlines, build a stronger connection with faculty, remind them of important events, lectures, and much more.

Wrapping up

EdTech is shaping the education system in a way no one could predict ten years ago. Our society went from conventional classroom teaching to digital EdTech learning and is not planning on stopping. Now, like never, we feel the power of accessible knowledge, endless learning possibilities, and accessible education. All we know is that the future of EdTech is an exciting chapter that will gift people with out-of-this-world tools, efficient and immersive learning platforms, and entertaining solutions. 

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