What Should a Client Do to Make the Project Development Process More Efficient

Halyna  Kharambura
Halyna Kharambura
1470 October, 16, 2019 8 min read
1470 October, 16, 2019 8 min read

Many articles describe what a client expects and wants to get from a project. But in fact, developers also have some expectations and here are some things they need in order to carry out a project. Most clients suppose that the only thing the developers need is prepayment. Of course, money matters but it is not the only thing that makes for efficiency.

So, let's suppose you have chosen developers for your project and you are about to start the work. The question is how to organize the work so that it will be convenient for both of you. This is our advice on how to get ready for cooperation on website development.


The objective is a base for any cooperation. The project will never be successful without a clear understanding of the overall objective. It is obvious that the process of negotiations on the website development wouldn't begin without objectives and tasks, however, very often the deadline hasn't been set. Moreover, the objectives may vary depending on the representatives of the client. If you can't picture yourself the final result, it will be much more difficult for developers to work on your project.

For some projects, it might be hard to set the deadline, sometimes it’s even impossible. In such cases, it is better to stick to the flexible product development which provides you with the ability to make changes in the project, add and remove functions when necessary. However, clearly set interim goals in the project are fundamental for successful cooperation. So the first thing to do is to form your expectations of the website, its objectives, and its functions.


This is the most difficult part of the preparation for the project. The typical situation looks the following way:
The client says, 'You draw and we will prepare the content when the project is close to being launched.'
Developers say, 'We'll take some drafts but please don't forget about the content.'
Once the design is presented to the client he says, 'Wait a minute, where did you get this information? Our price for this product is different. And when is the deadline for preparing the content? Oh, but we can't prepare content for this section.'

This is when changes and corrections in the design begin. Failure to provide the content makes the website structure design much more complicated and makes the timeline for your project longer. In addition, the project may turn out to be completely different from what was planned at the beginning. So the second thing that needs to be done is to provide the content for the website. Of course, it may be altered in the process but it is advisable to prepare the major sections.


Without regular communication between the client and the team, the project is doomed to long months of development and at best the launch will be more or less successful. One of the worst situations occurs either when the design is ready but the client's manager is away on vacation, or the executive is on a two-week business trip, or the design has to be approved by several people... but as we know tastes differ and each person has unique opinions and visions. 

If the development draws out to a great length because the client can't make a decision at a certain stage, the developers may change priorities and temporarily suspend the project. Such a situation is favorable neither for the client, as the project is postponed, nor for the developers because it is impossible to predict their workload when the client gets back to the project. The worst happens when there's no one to communicate with, for instance, when the client has decided to launch the project but hasn't decided who would be in charge of it. The project looks like an orphan.

Designate somebody on your part who will keep in touch with the developers, keep the process under control and prepare the content. 


Legislative regulations allow both parties to feel calm, confident and protected. All energy can be dedicated to the project so that the process will be smooth and quick.
Sign the contract, learn it carefully and start working.

Putting enough effort into all the issues mentioned above will improve the result in terms of the quality and time frame of the project.

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