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Why Gatsby.js?

Gatsby.js is an open-source framework that allows developers to build incredibly fast static websites and apps. A static site means that there is no rendering during runtime, no server-side code, no database, and so on. All the content is generated during the build time and served to users at a blazing speed, leading to the best user experience modern websites can offer. Besides, Gatsby.js is based on React, one of the most popular web development technologies, and this allows developers to reuse components and thus deliver products at the highest speed.

  • Speed, Scalability and Security

    Gatsby.js is based on the JAMstack approach, hence why it comes with a full set of its benefits. Static websites serve you with pre-built pages; there is no interference with the back-end and thus no delays. Additionally, since there is no direct connection to the database, the areas for attack are significantly reduced, which provides maximum security against any type of injection. With Content Delivery Network (CDN), you can access global cloud servers and there is no limit for scaling for you.

  • GatsbyJS is SEO Friendly

    If you have a static website, you are in a huge advance in terms of SEO. Blazing fast static sites developed with Gatsby.js allow Google’s bot to crawl easier, so it ranks you higher in return. Your rank position directly influences the amount of traffic you get, leading to its growth. Therefore, migration to Gatsby.js can help you get more traffic without even changing your website’s content.

  • Easy Deployment

    Gatsby.js allows us to easily use any Content Management System (CMS) that has an Application Programming Interface (API) for the back-end. Our company highly recommends using Netlify CMS. It is an open-source CMS that serves as an all-in-one platform for automating modern web solutions. This CMS will provide you with all the necessary tools to easily and painlessly deploy and manage your website. What is more, Netlify provides free web hosting and gives you unlimited cPanel hosting.

  • Rich Plugin Ecosystem

    With Gatsby.js you access a huge ecosystem of plugins where multiple contributors are working non-stop. Interacting with JavaScript while creating a static website might get complicated sometimes, and that is when plugins come handy. Gatsby.js supplies developers with a variety of useful tools that facilitate the development process, including lazy loading plugin, PWA generator, picture scaling, offline mode plugin, and many others.

Popular Companies That Trust Gatsby.js

  • Why OTAKOYI Loves

    OTAKOYI engineers especially love Gatsby.js because it has the hottest tech stack on the market and awesome documentation that really set a standard for OSS. It manages to combine the best of what React and GraphQL can offer, as well as presents a variety of new features, which makes it an ultimate web development technology.

Our Gatsby.js Development Services

Our Gatsby.js development services include and are not limited to the following ones:

  • Looking for Gatsby.js

    You're probably thinking that Gatsby.js is a good thing but still hesitate whether it is right for the needs and objectives of your upcoming project. That is what the consultation is for. Once you contact us, one of our experts will write you back and ask a series of questions, and we will find out what technology stack is best for you.

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