Healthcare management system
Medidoc is a healthcare management system that automates processes and simplifies medical staff work. With clients' information sorting and document analysis, the system allows for keeping the most up-to-date patients' records. This tool is perfect for clinics or hospital operations organizations.

Challenges faced

The biggest challenge of the project was to make sure it is compliant with all regulatory requirements for the Healthcare industry:

  • Crossfunctional and diversified team: continuous improvements on the data science side that should be synchronously implemented by Front-End & Back-End teams.
  • High non-functional requirements: additionally to security, processing enormous datasets, and constant improvement of the system capacity. Stress tests of the system.
  • Integration of new features with the old ones such as:
    • - adding new user types
    • - integrating the new payment system
    • - complex UI/UX upgrade
    • - gamification elements
    • - and many more
  • Constantly changing business requirements and agility of development.

Other challenges we had to overcome consisted in making it possible for users to not only download files but also edit them.

After improving the design and already existing functions, we had to smoothly develop the new features with our product development team enabling quick document search and sorting, compiling all records, and downloading/editing the needed information.



The main focus for our Otakoyi team has always been communication. That is the principle we have followed throughout the process.

In general, we divided the whole work into two stages:

  • Improving and advancing the existing product.
  • Developing new features.

We were in close interaction with our customer’s team as well as with Data Science Team and AWS services.

As the main focus was put on the redesign, we approached that following our design process:


Features Implemented

Involving our product development team, front-end developers, and UX/UI designers, we have implemented features of various platform functions:

Notifications: users get notified when they enable this feature.

Document analysis: thanks to implementing AI into the platform, documents are sorted, compiled, and easy to find.

Summaries: the medical system sorts and allows managing patients’ case materials, finding, editing, and downloading all the data needed dashboards: this feature enables editing and adding new information on that or another patient or some other data easily.

Notes: we have also implemented the feature that lets users add notes and dates, updating the tab.


Editing opportunities: considering all the data is updated and sorted automatically. There can be some errors. However, we have enabled the edit button. So users can always adjust if anything is wrong.

Mobile application: the amazing thing about the responsive mobile version we’ve developed is that the navigation options correspond desktop version. So that users do not get lost and have all the functions available.

Technical Aspects

Probably, the most exciting yet challenging task for us was to redesign and update the existing product, still delivering competitive outcomes. We've migrated from Google Cloud to AWS, considering all regulatory requirements, developed a new management system for back-side operations on Material UI with existing API improvement, and refactored and optimized the existing code to be able to scale the whole platform with the new features.

On top of that, subscription models and payment systems were put in place.

Value Delivered

We have managed to automate this medical record system creating a whole platform that its target audience can use. Medidoc target audience: doctors: use the system for analyzing, editing, commenting, and downloading patients' files hospitals: management of patience records and keeping everything sorted in 1 place.


Experience Gained

The most valuable experience we have gained is implementing automated medical record systems in cooperation with Data Science Team. Data Science is probably the most leading field in the technological world. Our interaction with AWS has definitely brought us a lot of knowledge and expertise. The same goes for artificial intelligence implementation in the healthcare industry. Our product development, web development, and UX/UI design teams have gained priceless experience in making this world a better place to live.