Benefits & Process of Healthcare MVP Development

Nataliya Kostyshak
Nataliya Kostyshak
September 26, 2022 9 min read 1770 views
September 26, 2022 9 min read 1770 views

Healthcare MVP Development Process for Healthcare Products

Digital progress has a significant impact on the healthcare industry, making the workflow of medical establishments much more efficient and providing easier tools for managing personal health. According to the Accenture survey, approximately 75% of patients realize the importance of health-based applications. Therefore, plenty of developers are planning on improving their local healthcare industry. However, many inspiring start-up ideas fail on the market, never making it to top-leading positions. With Otakoyi healthcare MVP development services, you will be protected from failure, funding shortage, or negative user feedback. We design our projects to help you reach success in the real world and provide medical professionals with digital solutions, from online scheduling doctor appointments to optimized health monitoring programs. 

Benefits of Developing an MVP Product For the Healthcare Market

If you’re questioning the importance of the MVP project for healthcare IT solutions, discover the list of advantages it gives business owners to reach their goals and take over the market.

Fast and cost-effective way to enter the market

Full-end development takes around 12 months, and even budget-friendly options still cost a fortune. The MVP solution gives you the advantage of time, taking only between 3 and 6 months to construct. With a minimum viable product healthcare project, you can save up on development costs and minimize your losses in case the product doesn’t strike.

Pitching ideas to investors for funding solutions

One of the MVP healthcare benefits is expanding the budgeting options of your project. To gain access to external funding, you can use the MVP model to attract investors interested in bringing your healthcare startup to a new level. Collected feedback from real-life users proves the future success of full-end app development.

Testing your concept with real-life users 

To verify that your ideas meet real-life customer demands, we launch the MVP product to aim at the targeted audience. By gathering early-users feedback, we can analyze what critical features are necessary for optimized workflow, quality of UI\UX design, and concept success rate. MVP development allows healthcare app developers to build an application, software, or website according to real-life needs and requirements. 

Risk-reducing before the product launch

Our cost-effective MVP solution minimizes the risk of healthcare product development for mobile devices or other platforms (websites or software). By testing the product on early users first, you gain the opportunity to improve the final product before facing the audience,  increase the ROI (return of investments), and boost your position in the local market to the top spots.

Efficient Healthcare MVP Development Process

For clients’ convenience and faster results, the development process for MVP is easy to follow and doesn’t take as much of your time as full-end development. However, to build a healthcare MVP, companies should meet the list of regulatory compliances. Discover our four stages of the development process:

Stage 1. Market research and legal compliance

Most IT products for the healthcare industry involve storing, managing, and transferring patients’/users’ personal data, from addresses and insurance numbers to banking account information and SSN. Therefore, before the start of the work on the application or software, you need to ensure that your digital healthcare solution meets local legal requirements. 

Another step in the first stage is to outline the targeted audience and the impact the product will have on doctor-patient relations and work for an organization in healthcare facilities. Settling the goals and expected results helps market research and product design to find a unique business niche.

Stage 2. Concept and workflow design

Our in-house team uses reports from market research to establish the project concept that will be in demand among potential customers. By paying attention to real-life workflow in medical facilities, we design easy-to-navigate projects to optimize work processes and boost the productivity of real-life users, no matter if they operate on desktop or mobile devices. Besides, we focus on: 

  • Early user portraits 
  • Designing functionality set
  • MVP roadmap 
  • Delivery and launching plan

Stage 3. Constructing the tech stack and optimizing functionality

After the business part of the MVP development is thought-through, we plan out the technical aspect to give you access to skilled tech experts and cutting-edge technology. For top-notch results, we ensure to implement valuable features to the MVP product, choose efficient frameworks and programming languages, establish targeted platforms, and include compliance frameworks.

Stage 4. Final development and launching

As a final step of the healthcare MVP development process,  we ensure fast and high-quality engineering, QA testing, and delivering market-ready products. We research the early users that will provide feedback on UI/UX design, functionality, and potential changes. After the launch, collected reports help deliver a top-leading final product providing digital medical solutions for healthcare facilities, healthcare management systems, or personal health management. 

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Build your Healthcare MVP Product with OTAKOYI

At OTAKOYI, we share clients’ worries about upcoming launching and the future of their start-up ideas. Our experienced development team can take the weight off your shoulders. By putting your success as our top priority, we design a project that suits your business model and aims at the right audience to make a test run with real-life potential customers. With Otakoyi’s dedicated project manager and business analyst working on each project, you’ll get updates on every stage of development and research reports to discover the vector you should move with your business plan. Trust us to bring the idea to life and focus on running your company worry-free.


What is the MVP?

MVP stands for minimum viable product and basically a test version of the application. It’s a crucial part of the project development of any IT start-up idea allowing creators to test the market, find a targeted audience, and improve service offerings and functionality.

Do I need MVP development for my healthcare product?

Health tech is on the rise, inspiring more business owners with creative and efficient digital solutions for optimizing the industry, from helping track personal electronic health records to patient management and scheduling doctor appointments. Yet, many start-ups fail with a lack of market research and funding, poor functionality, or user experience. Therefore, MVP is a much-needed step in tech healthcare product development to become a leading app or software in the wellness industry.

How long does developing an MVP for my concept take?

On average, you should expect the process of healthcare MVP development to take between 3 and 6 months, depending on the project’s complexity and established timeframe.

Is healthcare MVP development expensive?

MVP development has a reputation for a wallet-friendly service. However, the final cost would depend on the scope of the work, project size, extra features the client wishes to add, and more. Do you want to get a free quote? Drop us a message, and we will get back to you to discuss your product development process!

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