MLS Software Development: How Can It Benefit Your Real Estate Business?

Serhiy Lavrynenko
Serhiy Lavrynenko
May 15, 2023 14 min read 982 views
May 15, 2023 14 min read 982 views

MLS Software Development: How Can It Benefit Your Real Estate Business? 

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate professional or just starting out in the industry, MLS software is a game-changer for your business that you won’t want to miss. This revolutionary technology transforms the way realtors do business, streamlining their operations and boosting their audience. 

Before you decide to commit to a multiple listing service system, learn more about what advantage you can gain with real estate MLS software development, which must-have features you should include, and how a professional team can help you build a custom MLS solution. 

MLS Software Development: What is it? 

The fast-paced real estate industry requires having an up-to-date database, enabling seamless searching and analysis of property listings. Multiple Listing Service (MLS) software is an out-of-the-box solution to help a real estate agent manage a large amount of data daily. 

Typical multiple listing service real estate software includes: 

  • Searchable MLS listing with customizable searches and personal real estate listings history; 
  • Contact manager tools for categorized contacts and leads; 
  • Secure client portal;
  • Listings and contract management; 
  • Team management. 

Custom MLS solutions can put your business ahead in the game and help you reach success faster! Let’s find out more!

Benefits of Using MLS System in The Real Estate Portal 

Multiple Listing Services software sounds good on paper, but is it beneficial in the real world? Absolutely! MLS software real estate solutions provide various advantages for industry professionals and first-time or experienced buyers. Let’s dive to see how both parties benefit from using MLS.

For Sellers 

Before MLS came into the picture, real estate agencies kept their listing private, limiting their exposure online and reducing the chances of being discovered by potential buyers. MLS allows sellers to share their listings and real estate database on the same channel with other companies without any restrictions. Thus, with an MLS system, a real estate professional can benefit from broader exposure and boost sales opportunities. 

For Buyers 

In the past, buyers were forced to cooperate with multiple agencies and realtors to view the range of properties. MLS is a hassle-free solution for house hunters. Now, a potential buyer can access all available housing options through a single agent. With MLS, buyers can build an effective partnership with a trusted seller for a personalized experience. 

Real Estate MLS System: Must-have Features to Implement

If you want to build a successful commercial real estate development software, here is a list of must-implement features for your MLS system. 

AR/VR integrations 

AR/VR technology integration allows you to provide a cutting-edge tool for immersive and engaging experiences for buyers. VR/AR helps visualize properties, including 3D floor plans, interactive virtual tours, walkthroughs, and more. 

Virtual tour

With the virtual tour, you can offer house-hunter unparalleled viewing experience, showcasing the home’s best features, revealing the property location, and giving a comprehensive look at the house. 

Contracts and listings management tools

This feature allows unlimited editing, creation, and management of your listings. Additionally, users can create contract templates, edit and sign e-contracts, reply to a listing form, and more, saving time for realtors and improving organization.

Predictive analytics tools

Predictive analytics empowers users, providing valuable insights into the real estate market and helping them make data-driven decisions. 

Filtered search 

If you want to provide an outstanding customer experience, you have to elevate the search engine for your MLS with filtered search. Narrowing down the real estate market by budget, location, or property size helps you to meet buyers’ needs much faster. 

Favorites tab 

Adding “favorites” helps users to organize the most liked properties for sale and keeps buyers more engaged with your online platform. Moreover, when users register on the website to store their favorite housing options, you get active leads interested in your service and will more likely act on your follow-up. 

User management

Easy manage permission and access levels for real estate brokers and team members with a user management functionality. MLS system can help improve security, simplify assigning tasks, and more. 


Allow users to crunch the numbers with an easy-to-use calculator and determine the final property’s cost, including taxes, loan integers, insurance rates, and installments.

Connect management 

MLS provides a solution to help your business with client management by keeping track of your leads, customer search database, and contacts. Such features allow you to stay in touch, send automatic follow-up emails, and improve communication. 

MLS Software Development Services We Offer

The key to the success of the real estate business is analyzing a large amount of data and properties for sale daily. Otakoyi offers a range of real estate MLS software development services to help our partners build exclusive and effective tools for attracting new clients and organizing efficient workflow in the team. Discover what we have to offer! 

Custom MLS software development 

We can create a custom solution tailored to your unique needs and requirements with a specific set of features that will enhance the productivity and profitability of your real estate business. Our MLS systems include comprehensive searches, client payments management tools, advanced analytical tools, and reporting, and they are powered up with open APIs. 

MLS App solutions 

With our ahead-of-curve MLS Apps solution, your clients will always have on-the-go mobile access to your services. Multiple listing service application boosts engagement with real-time notifications about property updates, new listings, any contract development, and more. 

Responsive MLS design 

We want your real estate business to provide professional services. Therefore, we offer responsive design development allowing a seamless experience across all devices and screen sizes. MLS responsive web platform guarantees easier access for clients, enabling them to view and engage with your system anytime. 

MLS API integrations

Our experienced developer team offers API integration services, empowering your MLS software with JavaScript components or integrating platforms like Matrix and Innova. We guarantee to deliver you MLS products with an enhanced experience. 

MLS real estate app implementations 

Do you already have an app or software you want to elevate with an embedded MLS system? We got you! We can integrate MLS tools into an already-existing platform, such as project management software for real estate development, realtors application, and more. 

MLS Listing Software 

With our listing software development service, we create a platform for online usage empowered with Google mapping, comprehensive search, and external data sources. Using MLS listing software, realtors and brokers can showcase, manage, and edit multiple listings on several channels, providing a better house-shopping experience for buyers. 

Ready to build your MLS software?

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How much should you expect to pay for MLS software development services in 2023? 

It’s hard to name the exact cost of MLS software development for real estate businesses. Price-building process counts factors like project complexity, used platform, required functionality and features set, and developers’ fees. In 2023, the prices can range from $5,000 to  $50,000 for a custom MLS. 

Interested in creating an effective MLS system for your business? Reach out to the Otakoyi team to get more detailed info about the process and a quote for software development! 

How can Otakoyi help you? 

Otakoyi can be the key to unlocking your real estate company’s full potential! Our development team has been operating in the industry for years. Hence, we know how to deliver unique and innovative MLS solutions to help your business thrive! We can build a tailored custom MLS from scratch or implement an MLS system in your active real estate development management software. 

Otakoyi stands out with exceptional; customer service and support. We work closely with our clients to guarantee the product we deliver extends all expectations, meets their unique needs, and aligns with the budget frame! 

Don’t let your company fall behind in today’s competitive real estate market! Contact us to help take your agency to the next level! 

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