Why Flutter is good for MVP development

Volodymyr Hodiak
Volodymyr Hodiak
October 6, 2022 9 min read 1411 views
October 6, 2022 9 min read 1411 views

Why is Flutter Ideal For the MVP Development Process

The application development industry has an ongoing discussion about how Flutter and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is absolute game-changers for most start-ups and growing businesses. Let's find out why more stakeholders should consider the MVP app development strategy  when creating a new product, the benefits of such a process, the answer to the question "is flutter good for app development," and how it can elevate MVP production.

What is an MVP development

MVP - is the simplified application version that allows businesses and start-ups to test their concept on the market with the real user. Usually, MVP has limited functionality in order to see how the key aspect will resonate with people. The MVP app development is a step in the application development that helps increase the financing through investors, rescue the risk of launching a project, and improve the features to create a market-ready final product. 

Factors that make MVP necessary for business

Stats show us that up to 70% of tech start-ups fail  due to the lack of proper market research and idea testing. Choosing an MVP strategy means putting the business interests first and reducing the risk of idea failure. In a competitive market, start-ups and growing businesses need extra help and reassurance to reach success with their business idea.  

Here are the top factors of how the MVP development process benefits the company  and idea owner: 

  • The minimum viable product  tests the vision on real-life people or organizations to see the demand or how the concept should be improved to cover more needs;
  • Adopting an MVP allows the start-up to save their efforts and resources in minimal time by testing if the idea resonates with public needs before launching the final product; 
  • MVP strategy  benefits the company's budget. With cost-effective development, you can protect your assets and use the MVP product to find investors ready to support your concept in the future. 

What makes Flutter a leading framework for app development

Let's find out the answer to the main question: "Is flutter good for app development?" The framework from Google developers makes the application design and production much easier, faster, and budget-friendly. Here are the key elements that make Flutter an up-and-coming framework:  

  • The Firebase allows secure and reliable back-end development;
  • The software is easy to navigate, allowing more talented developers to master it faster; 
  • Flutter is a leading framework for cross-platform app development;
  • The programming language Dart allows more advanced features; 
  • Flutter helps developers focus on the incredible interface design and UI through built-in tools and ready-to-use widgets.

Why is Flutter a perfect solution for an MVP

What entails businesses choosing Flutter for MVP application development? The answer is simple - the benefits. Here are the six reasons that make Flutter the ultimate solution for MVP development:

Why Flutter is best for MVP development

Native-like performance

Flutter allows multi-platform application development with a world-quality native experience. Developing directly for IOS or Android takes up more money and time-resource. However, Flutter MVP gives an opportunity to start-ups to test their business idea on a cross-platform level and reach more real-life users while offering them rich performance and functionality. 

Cost-effective delivery

The question of the budget is crucial for an MVP project. The ultimate goal is to reach world-class quality and spend as less as possible on testing. Using Flutter for MVP development helps you to reduce production time, which leads to paying less for the developer's services.

Fast development process

As stated previously, Flutter allows developers to work faster on your project. The framework is easy-to-use and saves 70% of the development time. The faster the MVP development process, the sooner you can get to the product release and test the concept on real-life users. It's crucial to remember that MVP is a step to a full-end development and final product launch. Therefore, MVP should not delay the overall production. 

Wide selection of widgets to boost the design

Another benefit of Flutter as a framework for an MVP production is build-in and ready-to-use widgets that can improve the initial design without effort. The developer can choose from reach selection the widget to boost the UI and create an ultimate interactive design, allowing the MVP to deliver a leading user experience and improve the testing results.

Firebase integration

The Firebase simplifies the app development on Flutter by eliminating the need for complicated back-end design. Firebase integrations allow MVP project flawless cloud functions, storing, hosting, synching the database, and accessing the extended cloud storage.

Ability to scale up to any platform

Flutter's major advantage is a cross-platform app, meaning your product can operate on any software or gadget. With flexible user interfaces, the developers can ensure that users won't lose in the experience while accessing the desktop version of your product and vice versa. Using Flutter for MVP development, you can create a multi-platform product in the testing stage or focus only on one platform and scale it up later to increase the outreach. You may see how you can develop products with Flutter available on 6 platforms in the related article ' What's new in Fluter 3.0.? '

Cases of successful MVP implementation

Nothing proves the success and impact of MVP on future business development as seeing real-life cases of world-known apps. 

  1. One of the most addictive social media apps was only an MVP product for IOS users. When it started, Instagram had only one strategic function and a couple of filters to test if users liked the idea of a photo-sharing app. Now,  Instagram  is a multi-platform social network that went beyond simple picture-posting. 

  2. The most reliable taxi app Uber  became an industry-changing innovation. And it only started with a simple MVP product with only one function: connecting users to drivers nearby using GPS technology. The main goal of Uber's MVP was to see if people would find it more convenient to use their smartphones to order taxis instead of calling the landline. And as we know now, it was a groundbreaking success inspiring start-ups with similar local services. 

  3. The last example is the MVP created on Flutter, the Google ads app . Now used by the majority of companies, Google ads are an essential tool for promoting your business, improving the traffic quality, and more, once started as a test product from Google. 

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What is Flutter?

In the past years, Flutter was one of the most used frameworks for mobile app development  that allows a developer to create high-functional, native-like apps for cross-platform use. 

How can I reduce MVP development costs by using Flutter? 

App development on Flutter is an easy-to-learn process, and it's significantly cheaper than using other frameworks. Yet, it allows you to keep the world-class quality and still make your product leading on the market. A long and extensive development process means expensive fees. Crafting the MVP project using Flutter reduces the development cost and takes less time, making the process faster than usual. 

Why is Flutter considered the ultimate solution for an MVP?

Flutter MVP architectural development takes less time and expense. The Flutter app development company  can reduce the risk of investing in the MVP in case of unsuccessful results, helping business owners save hundreds of thousands of dollars on market testing. 

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