Flutter for Startups: How Flutter became the leader in the cross-platform development

Volodymyr Hodiak
Volodymyr Hodiak
404 November, 9, 2022 10 min read
404 November, 9, 2022 10 min read

Advantages of using Flutter for Startups

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur searching for affordable, fast, and feature-rich startup app development? It might sound like a fantasy, but you will get all three by building your app with Flutter! With countless benefits and incredibly positive feedback from a worldwide community, Flutter is the ultimate choice for a startup. Read on to discover all you need to know about Flutter development services.

Flutter: what is it?

Is Flutter good for app development? Before answering that question, let’s settle on what Flutter is for those who are not keeping up with the latest tech trends. 

Flutter  is a leading software development kit from Google for hybrid app development. By operating the Flutter framework , entrepreneurs can build a product that will be supported by IOS, Android, Mac, and Windows using only a single codebase. Choosing the Flutter development company can skyrocket the overall production time and significantly cut the budget without losing outstanding functionality and robust performance. 

popular mobile frameworks statistics

The latest Statista report  shows that 39% of developers are using Flutter, with a significant rise of 9% from the previous years. So what key features make Flutter stand out:

  • The framework has a growth model that allows projects to expand and effortlessly add up features and functionality on the go;
  • Flutter technical architecture allows linking native components without a third party;
  • Simple and fast environment configuration;
  • Flutter’s libraries support UI renderings, navigation, testings, API access, and more.

Yet, it’s not the end of Flutter’s capabilities  and benefits. First, let’s focus on the advantages of multi-platform development over the native one.

Cross-platform App Development for Startups

flutter vs native

Developers have two options for app development : native ( dedicated to a single platform, such as IOS) or cross-platform( allowing support on multiple platforms using a single code). Native development is not always an optimal solution for a startup project limited in resources. Here is where Flutter’s startup app development company comes to the rescue by giving entrepreneurs access to multiple platforms with a native experience, functionality, and reliable performance. By adopting cross-platform development approach, you can minimize your financial risk yet get a competition-ready final product. 

What makes startups choose Flutter for App Development?

When native app development is draining time and money resources from entrepreneurs, the cross-platform application development framework helps overcome those and other issues. Choosing Flutter for Startups means getting so success faster with high-quality market-ready products. Let’s explore the main benefits of Flutter that make the framework the ultimate choice for innovative app production. 

Enriched UI design that attracts investors 

The crucial part of startup app development is finding external solutions for funding. Flutter offers creators intuitive designs, a wide range of features, and powerful functionality that work on various mobile platforms. World-quality UI design is a powerful tool to captivate users and attract investors, guaranteeing stable growth to your project.

Powerful and reliable Firebase back-end development

firebase architecture

The Flutter framework comes in a package with Firebase, Google-provided reliable back-end solution . That is a crucial moment why Flutter is the ultimate option for mobile app development. It allows aspiring entrepreneurs to save time and budget on separate back-end development without losing in quality of app performance. Firebase system guarantees stable hosting, a real-time cloud database, and assistance with other back-end features.

Increases productivity of the Development Team

Flutter is an easy-to-navigate framework designed to boost developers’ productivity. As the development time takes less, the companies are more likely to stick to the deadlines and execute urgent projects with 100% customer satisfaction without sacrificing quality.

Boosting performance with Dart

Flutter uses an object-orientated programming language, Dart , that complies with native platforms. Using Dart significantly speeds up the development process and allows access to the built-in ready-to-use widgets to boost user experience. With a single code base, Flutter developers can design complicated projects that work flawlessly on any native platform. Dart is responsible for the out-of-the-box performance and elevated UX to attract users and investors with impeccable quality and not only picture-perfect interface design.

Easy fix with Hot Reload feature

hot reload feature flutter

What usually slows down the development process is fixing code bugs and implementing updates. Thankfully, Google developers came up with a “Hot Reload” feature  to allow a faster maintenance process. The feature lets developers and UI designers work simultaneously to see the changes, experiment with code, and coordinate the next moves. With Hot Reload, developers and designers are less likely to lose time on the redeployment of the code or sacrifice the final product’s functionality. Such an interactive maintenance tool keeps Flutter products on the top of the market with efficient and flawless development. 

Smart Flutter libraries allow customized UI

Flutter app development goes beyond typical UI design. By accessing platforms’ custom widgets , UI designers guarantee native-like functionality, such as scrolling, fonts, icons, and navigation methods. Furthermore, Flutter libraries help generate powerful UIs based on the geographical location or targeted regions. By giving developers access to develop and change UIs depending on the area, Flutter apps provide region-orientated innovative user experience with preferred language, text, or targeted location layout. Such a method allows producing cross-platform apps aimed to concur a global market rather than one region or country orientated.

Native-like experience and SDK

With Flutter’s advanced Software Development Kit (SDK), building a native application using the framework is a piece of cake compared to working on original platforms. With various tools and widgets to create a native-like experience and powerful SDKs , Flutter provides developers with simple local codes, app APIs, and third-party integrations  for a simplified mobile application construction process.

Efficient MVP development solution

One of the common reasons why startup entrepreneurs choose to work with Flutter is the efficiency of the MVP development process . MVP is a crucial part of app production aimed at testing concept ideas on real-life users, minimizing the risk of failure on the market, finding additional investors, and improving the final product to be 100% market-ready. Therefore, developing a simplified version of the original app is much more efficient through Flutter. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Developers need a minimal learning curve to build a successful project; 
  2. Flutter specializes in cross-platform development, and meaning startups can expand the outreach of the targeted audience and collect more wholesome feedback; 
  3. With an impressive Google back-end, even an MVP project is high-quality with robust performance; 
  4. Flutter has a massive global community; 
  5. Effortless MVP launching and setup. 

Flutter MVP development is the only right choice for a startup app to reach success on the market and withstand the competition.

Cost-effective Startup App Development

Entrepreneurs with limited budgets always search for a cost-efficient solution for startup app development. When working with a native platform, the production cost increases tremendously, as developers have to write various codes to support the app on different operational systems. Yet, the Flutter app has one single code that gives access to enter the market on multiple platforms. As developers get paid by the hour, app development with Flutter significantly decreases the project budget. 

cost for native vs cross platform development

Shorter time-to-market

As stated multiple times earlier, Flutter creators provided various tools to simplify and speed up the product development processes. Any business will benefit from a shorter time-to-market ratio, allowing it to profit and increase the return on investment dramatically faster than those entrepreneurs who chose native development.

how long does it take to make an app?

Has own rendering engine

And lastly, one of the reasons businesses cooperate with Flutter developers is the embedded rendering engine. By operating on Skia, Flutter can render itself to a chosen platform without damaging the code and UI design. Therefore, modifying the UIs during product development while switching platforms is no longer necessary.

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Successful Flutter Startup Apps

The better way to discover the real-life result of startup mobile app development with Flutter is through successfully executed business ideas. Here are some examples of top-rated Flutter and startup collaborations that grew now to successful companies known in the global arena:

successfull flutter app startups

  • Etsy 
  • Wiredash
  • Nubank
  • Superlist
  • Dream11
  • Invoice ninja
  • Crowdsource 
  • Byte Dance
  • Quinto Andar

Is Flutter an efficient solution from a business perspective?

If you’re looking for a short answer, then yes, it is!

Flutter is one of the leading frameworks in 2022 for cross-platform application development. Yet, the IT world still awaits more innovations from Flutter creators to make the platform the one and only development solution. The business benefits and advantages are countless and outweigh the cons. Therefore, now we see more startups, small businesses, and global companies using Flutter. Furthermore, with Flutter MVP solutions, any entrepreneur can minimize the risks and avoid failure before submitting to the world market. If you care about growing and expanding your business, Flutter development is the best-suited option out there.


Is Flutter only used for UI design?

Even though Flutter is famous for its outstanding UI design performance, it’s not the limit of the framework’s capabilities. The code, Dart programming language, and robust back-end allow developers to create flawlessly operating products for multiple platforms, from IOS and Mac to Windows and Android.

Can you use Flutter for Web Development?

Yes! Web development with Flutter is possible, yet it is available only as a technical preview. However, the Flutter developers promise the tech world more innovations and solutions in this direction.

Is Flutter the leading framework of Mobile Development?

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are giving the question, “Is Flutter good for app development?” Yet, the results of past years show that Futter allows the creation of affordable, time-saving products with robust performance and out-of-this-world user experience. Therefore, Flutter has the potential to become the Future of application development. In 2020 Google trends  revealed that Flutter ranks second in the league of cross-platform app development languages.

What is the average cost of the Flutter App Development project?

It’s hard to name the exact price, as development cost depends on the scope of work, project requirements, and company charges. Flutter offers free possibilities for developers using already existing codes. However, if you choose Flutter for Startups to execute unique ideas, the developers’ fees vary between $30 and $80 per hour, depending on the country.